Last night I was talking with my children about interdependent learning. Learning from others comes from humility and trust, and being vulnerable around our teachers so we can share in their strengths.

My son asked what I learned from him and his sister, and when I answered, "I learn to explain things correctly and accurately, if I can get you to understand then I know that I can explain it well and then I, truly, understand."

Up next he said, "Oh, so that's to help you in your work meetings? We're practice so you can explain things better when it really matters?"

Is this my doing? Is this society? "No", I declared. "When I'm in a meeting what we're really doing is talking about how to make more money. In a business meeting it's about money and profit. I care deeply about the well being of those around me, and personally I care more about that than any level of profit. But without money that business doesn't exist."

Integrating my presence in meetings with my home and family life is to ensure that I understand all aspects, so that I may better relate and teach my children.

He had it backwards but he reminded me that so often I have it backwards, too.

My son is pretty good at pointing this stuff out, and previously helped me understand what leadership really means.