Is it possible to increase quality, momentum and happiness? Of course, but we struggle to know exactly how. I'm writing about my experiences leading software teams and studying psychology to create the optimal conditions to maximize developer effectiveness and happiness.


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The Outline

To get an idea of what's covered, I'm presenting the outline here. Subscribers to the Newsletter will receive early chapters and segments of the chapter.

  1. Three Pillars of Success: Quality, Momentum, Happiness
  2. Foundations: What the pillars rest upon
  3. Looking Within: Start with what you have, take inventory
  4. Collaboration & Meetings, or, How to start collaborating and stop tending farms on your phone
  5. Handling Disputes, we don't always get along
  6. The importance of Autonomy & Ownership
  7. Get Good at One Thing
  8. Managers in the New World Order
  9. Putting it together, some assembly required (Measuring Success)
  10. Final Thoughts

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Timeline and Expectations

I'm expecting to release the initial book as a Kindle Single sometime in mid-2014. This means it will come in under 30,000 words and priced somewhere between a pack of gum and a large cup of gourmet tongue-twisting coffee.

Gum:  $0.99

Gum: $0.99

Be Better: $3.99?

Fancy Latte:  $4.99

Fancy Latte: $4.99