Technology + Psychology = Impact

After 10 years of writing software, a feeling presented itself that was hard to describe. It wasn't discontent. Perhaps displacement?

At the time I was working for Amazon and felt largely unfilled. I doubted the impact of my work. I left to pursue opportunities that joined my personal interests (autosports), but the feeling soon returned. I was working with great people, but knew I was not even recognizing my potential, let alone living up to it.

I became frustrated with this feeling and thought that maybe a change of careers was necessary. I had been writing code and leading tech teams for 12 years, and writing code for most of my life. I struggled with the discipline necessary to study and learn; then I studied how to study. Motivational psychology changed my world and since that point in 2011 I have pursued combining my development experience with psychology and coaching methodologies.

My first experience was creating The Daily Practice, a recurring Habit building application with variable schedules. I've enjoyed building TDP, and the value of hearing people talk about the improvements in their life cannot be understated. Since then, I've worked on other projects and collaborated with several people to change "what we know" into "what we do". My wife has been my favorite collaborator, mostly because she gives me the most honest feedback.


I write code in Ruby, Javascript, Perl, Scala and whatever language makes sense. I enjoy learning new languages.

I've setup and managed automated deployments on Linode, AWS and other cloud providers.

I am fascinated by the modern world.


I am very much an amateur, maybe some day I will have the opportunity to be something more.

I focus on research papers in Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology. Have something interesting? Send it my way! On occasion I'll dip into neuroscience, too.



I want to make an impact. People suffer, and that impacts the wonderful creations. While I'm not Buddhist, I believe fervently in alleviating suffering

I wish to help people find ways to maximize their entire life, in all areas: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.